Free Palmistry ebook.

Moore's Manual of up-to-date Palmistry.

              I been assured by the author that this ebook works on Sony readers. Itís been tested on a Sony PRS-600 touch edition and although itís a PDF file, everything seems to work well.
              It has also been tested on an HTC Flyer and it works well when using the PDF reader. However, it doesnít work on the HTC reader so you have to scroll down through the pages.
              Attempts have been made to convert the PDF file into formats which work with other readers such as the Kindle but witout much success. Also, not having a Kindle, or knowing anyone who does, the author was unable to test the PDF version.
              I found this book works well on a computer using Adobe so if youíre interested in palmistry, here is your chance to get a high quality book for free.
              However, although the book is free, the work is still copyrighted. (Free means you can download the file and put it on any device you like. You can also make copies and 'give' them to your friends. Copyright means that you can't sell it, you can't change it and also can't plagiarize it.)
              Finally, the author has specified that he accepts full responsibility for all errors in the book, if any, and apologises in advance if you do happen to find one.
              Note 1. The PDF file has been formated for a 3.57 by 4.82 inch screen so although it will work on screens of that size or larger, it is unlikely to work on anything smaller such as an iphone.
              Note 2. This is an updated version of the ebook with some corrections, larger text and better diagrams.

See the video.

Download the PDF file now.

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